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SOPEC was established in 2014 by the local governments in Southeast Ohio to increase efficiency in local government by providing shared administrative, financial, and legal services required for public energy programs. SOPEC is a profit-neutral public service organization established as a Regional Council of Governments under Chapter 167 of the Ohio Revised Code. SOPEC provides its programs in a fair manner to all customers, in an equal manner to all communities, with full transparency and accountability for performance, and without the need for profit-margins.



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New to energy utilities and electric aggregation? No problem. SOPEC’s here to help. Visit the SOPEC Learning Center to find answers for your energy industry questions and explore new topics.

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SOPEC has provided energy aggregation services for the City of Athens since 2014. There is not a better deal out there. SOPEC provides first class customer support and is entirely focused on helping our community accomplish our energy planning goals.
— Steve Patterson, City of Athens (Mayor)
There are many aggregators and brokers who are focused on their bottom line. SOPEC is different. SOPEC was established as a service organization to deliver a public mission. The difference in motivation, programming, and service has been clear for our community.
— Renee Brunton, Village of Shawnee (Mayor)
Unlike a broker, SOPEC’s services go far beyond a rate for the community. SOPEC really cares about helping its member governments. SOPEC helped our local government reduce our energy costs by 70%, even though we were under contract with a different supplier. But they did it anyway.
— Doug Davis, Village of Trimble (Mayor)

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SOPEC has some advantages that energy brokers just can’t match. As a non-profit public service organization, SOPEC will guarantee a low group rate for your community. SOPEC will also guarantee a more valuable aggregation experience from the very beginning. SOPEC will help the community’s leadership understand how energy markets and utility rates actually work. SOPEC will also refund any excessive administrative fees back to the community to remain profit-neutral. And because SOPEC is profit-neutral, SOPEC will never pressure decision makers into a long-term fixed rate. SOPEC will also provide assistance with researching and financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects throughout your community. And SOPEC will also provide never-ending customer support.

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Formed in 2014, SOPEC began as a simple governmental aggregator that allowed two neighboring communities to share energy aggregation services. In 2015, SOPEC began to add other programs focused on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy development. SOPEC began to grow. Today, ten local governments have joined the SOPEC Council of Governments for energy programming and services.

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