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If you’re a local government leader, you have probably experienced the excitement and challenges associated with developing energy utility programming and policy in your community. And, we're here to help. SOPEC guides your community to the resources and data you need to develop an energy management plan, customizes programming to fit your community energy management goals, connects your community to trusted peer leaders who have walked in your shoes, and gives your community’s leadership an opportunity to impact your local economy in truly meaningful ways.

Here are the top 5 reasons your community should be a SOPEC member:

  • Advocacy on your behalf at the local, regional, and state level

  • Ongoing educational opportunities throughout the year, including training on energy utility services, management, and policy

  • Access to discounted energy efficiency products for your entire community that offer product savings and energy utility savings

  • Connections to other Southeast Ohio and Eastern Ohio community leaders for help, support, and camaraderie

  • Access to programming that provides far more long-term value and savings than just an aggregated rate

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