The Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) is a regional Council of Governments that provides public energy services to the Southeast Ohio region. The mission of SOPEC is to provide simple, valuable, and reliable public energy programs that help our communities achieve their local energy goals. The primary programs provided by SOPEC are to support Community and Customer Choice through governmental energy aggregation and mercantile customer aggregation, energy efficiency development through financing programs, and renewable energy development through technical assistance programs.

A Brief Timeline of SOPEC

  • 2014 - Council of Govenments is Established

    After passing electric aggregation, the SOPEC Council of Government is established through a joint agreement between the City of Athens, the County of Athens, and the Village of Amesville. The Council of Governments is formed to increase efficiency in local government by providing shared administrative, financial, and legal services required for public energy programs.

  • 2015 - Launch of Energy Savers Program

    SOPEC launches a local community energy savers program to reduce energy usage within the City of Athens, Athens County, and the Village of Amesville. The energy savers program includes the distribution of 50,000 LED light bulbs and home energy audits throughout the SOPEC communities. The reduction in energy usage during 2015 saves the community more than $5 million in energy bills.

  • 2016 - The Council of Governments Grows

    Over the next two years, the City of Logan and the Villages of Somerset, Shawnee, New Straitsville, Chauncey, Trimble, and Buchtel join the SOPEC Council of Governments. Each community joins SOPEC to develop a governmental electric aggregation program and develop energy projects in the community.

  • 2018 - City of Athens Carbon Fee

    The SOPEC Council of Governments and the City of Athens make history with the first democratically-instituted carbon fee charged on electricity usage in the City of Athens. Voters in the City of Athens approve the carbon fee to account for some of the social costs of carbon, and designate fee revenues for the development of solar PV projects on public buildings in Athens.

Members of the Council of Governments

The SOPEC Council of Governments is comprised of twelve member communities in the Southeast Ohio region—the City of Logan, the City of Athens, the unincorporated County of Athens, the Village of Somerset, The Village of Chauncey, The Village of Shawnee, the Village of Amesville, the Village of Buchtel, the Village of New Straitsville, the Village of Coolville, the Village of Jacksonville, and the Village of Trimble.

The SOPEC Bylaws allow additional communities to join SOPEC by approving the joint agreement establishing the SOPEC Council of Governments. All programming benefits extend to new member communities, and there is no cost for new communities to join. To learn more about joining the SOPEC Council of Governments, visit the Membership Information page.