Request a Group Rate

Would you like to price your entire community’s electric load or natural gas supply? We’d be happy to help! SOPEC provides free price quotes to help your community create a group rate for all customers. SOPEC will also make it easy for your community to compare group rates to the utility supply rates as well as other brokers or aggregators.

All group rate requests include a community energy usage report, which provides insights on the following:

  • Total community-wide usage by season and month

  • Total usage and accounts by supply type (Retail, Utility, and PIPP)

  • Total usage and accounts by tariff code (Residential, Small Commercial, Industrial, Street Lighting, etc.)

  • Load characteristics, including Peak Load Contribution (PLC) and Load Factor

If you would like to request a group rate for your community, just submit the form below and SOPEC will be in touch.


2018 AEP Ohio SSO Supply Rate

This graph provides historic supply rates under the AEP Ohio Standard Service Offer (SSO). The SSO is the default supply arrangement for all utility customers unless local government aggregation is instituted. Depending on the load characteristics of each community, a group rate may offer a reduced rate compared to default supply rates established for the entire utility service territory. Also, depending on the load characteristics of each community, a group rate may offer a reduced supply rate for customers in the community compared to many individual retail supply rates. Obtaining a group rate quote provides an objective comparison to utility and retail supply rates, and is the best method for determining the value of a group rate for each community.

Group Rate Application

Please complete the application below to request group rates for your community’s electric load or natural gas supply. For questions or assistance completing the application, please contact SOPEC staff at or at 1-740-597-7955.

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Group rates can be requested for electricity supply, natural gas supply, or both.
Group rates can be established for all residents and small businesses within the jurisdiction of a City, Village, Township, or County government. Please select the type of community for which a group rate is requested.
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