Small Business Programming

SOPEC works with our Retail Energy Supply Partners to buy electricity in bulk and create group rates and program offerings for electric utility customers in our member communities. These group rates were traditionally designed to offer cheaper energy supply than the default utility supply rate. However, as utility supply rates have become more competitive, electric aggregation has faced challenges with delivering consistent savings on supply rates. Instead, group rates from SOPEC have begun to include embedded premiums for other energy policy goals, such as renewable energy supply, or the distribution of energy efficiency technology to program customers. While these other energy goals are highly important, and often achieve savings by themselves (e.g. energy efficiency technologies), SOPEC makes every effort to keep rates as low as possible while delivering these additional values.

Click below to view current SOPEC group rates, as well as the Do-Not-Solicit program and Energy Financing programs for commercial electric utility customers.


In addition to providing energy supply programs, SOPEC is a pro-consumer advocate, and provides education and advocacy on behalf of our commercial customers during legislative and regulatory decisions that impact residential customer rates.