Programming for Local Governments 

Since 2014, SOPEC has offered local governments across Southeast Ohio the shared administrative, financial, and legal services required for public energy programming. It’s easy to become a member of the SOPEC Council of Governments. SOPEC will help your mayor, trustees, or commissioners prepare a ballot issue so the community can vote on energy aggregation. And SOPEC will also prepare community leaders to serve as information resources and field questions about energy aggregation and SOPEC.

With membership in the SOPEC Council of Governments, public entities are able to take advantage of the Public Pricing Program, the Community Energy Grant program, as well as the PACE and STEP financing programs. The Public Pricing Program provides member governments and other qualifying political subdivisions with unmatched supply savings on electric supply for their public-sector accounts. The Community Energy Grant program provides member governments with funding for electric vehicle charging stations, energy efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy projects. And the PACE and STEP financing programs provide local governments with friendly sources of capital for energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.