Do-Not-Solicit Program 

In response to ongoing calls and complaints about door-to-door energy sales, SOPEC launched the Do-Not-Solicit program. The Do-Not-Solicit program protects residential customers in SOPEC member communities from unwanted for-profit solicitations. To start the program, the local government of the SOPEC member community needs to approve the program through legislation, which SOPEC can provide. Once approved, the program features a requirement that all door-to-door sales and other for-profit solicitations obtain a solicitation permit from the local government prior to solicitation. In addition, residential customers can add their address to the official Do-Not-Solicit registry for the community. When vendors obtain a solicitation permit, a updated copy of the Do-Not-Solicit registry is provided to vendors along with notice that soliciting homes on the registry is strictly prohibited.

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